New Media Show to chat with Facebook about podcasting

Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee
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Spotify is “making Anchor a serious advertising channel”, says Sounds Profitable’s Bryan Barletta this week, with Podsights. Subscribe here.

  • Facebook recently added podcasts into their app (mobile only, US only), but haven’t talked too much about their plans for podcasting. 1.8 billion users visit Facebook daily, so anything they do to increase podcasting would be welcome. Today, Facebook’s podcasting team is joining The New Media Show, with Libsyn’s Rob Greenlee and Blubrry’s Todd Cochrane, at 3pm Eastern. You can watch the live feed here.

  • John Spurlock has published podcast CDN share by episode for September 2021. He notes “if Amazon’s AWS goes down, almost half of podcasts go down with it”.

  • Podsights has launched “Advisor”, a tool to help advertisers uncover the hidden gems in podcast advertising. It’s also released a new Benchmark Report, which is free to download.

  • Spotify is hiring hundreds of ad staff across Europe, Australia and Canada, they’ve announced. That will include support staff as well as ad sales, we’re told by a spokesperson.

  • NPR is launching a nationwide marketing campaign for its podcasts.

  • The BBC saw 246m global podcast downloads in Q3/21. That would put them above Wondery, but below NPR in popularity. Pieces of Britney was highlighted as particularly popular.

  • Quake Media, which produces paid-for podcasts in its own app, has launched those same shows in Apple Podcasts for subscription.

  • There have been a record number of entries for the Australian Podcast Awards.

  • Bandrew Scott reviews the 512 Audio Skylight Mic. Not for you if you have a nasally voice, he says.

  • The good folks at Rogue Amoeba have confirmed that all their software is now compatible with MacOS Monterey, which is released next week. We’d probably recommend not updating immediately, though.

  • Writing for Podnews, Matthew Stevens wonders: Is YouTube the answer to Google’s Podcast woes?

  • Moves and hires

    Tips and tricks – with Shuffle

    Podcast News – with AdLarge Media

    Voices for Justice

    Presented by AdLarge Media: Voices for Justice A true crime podcast hosted by Sarah Turney, the first season explored the story of Sarah’s sister, missing teen Alissa Turney, which led to the arrest of their father in 2020. Each week, Sarah covers more true crime stories, asking listeners to help find justice for these unfortunate victims.

    The Dan Bongino Show

    Dan Bongino is threatening to leave Cumulus. The double-vaccinated former NYPD officer is protesting about Cumulus’s staff vaccination policy; he isn’t a staff member himself, though.

    dot com: The Wikipedia Story

    Beyond The Likes

    Bedtime stories from Dreams

    Future Hindsight

    Crime Beat

    Living the Dream

    Stuff The British Stole

    Stuff The British Stole Season Two of the award-winning podcast, hosted by journalist Marc Fennell, is out today. The show reveals the not-so-polite histories behind looted and dubiously-acquired artefacts. The new season is a collaboration between ABC Studios in Australia and CBC Podcasts in Canada, both countries with the Queen on their money, which we hope they haven’t forgotten.

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