True crime topped the top charts of 2021

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C Suite

Produced by Quill: C Suite Join Claudette McGowan, TD Bank’s Global Executive Officer for Cyber Security, as she explores how cyber-attacks happen and what we can do to avoid them. From phishing schemes to robocalls, Claudette meets with C Suite leaders to discuss cyber challenges and ways to help people become more protected.

The Missing

The Missing has returned for season 3. You can listen to the whole thing on Amazon Music, or weekly episodes via RSS. Each episode in the 10-part series breaks down the case of a long-term missing person, and gives listeners the opportunity to join the conversation and offer new information to aid the search. It’s produced by Podimo. – read more

Podland News

Sometimes you forget to check what microphone is recording, and you sound like you’re in the loo. In related news, Podland News is back – taking a look back at the news; and co-host Sam Sethi points out that with all this talk about Web3, podcasting is already there – decentralised, with portable data and open to all.

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