Kerala Aviyal Recipe: A Flavorful Vegetarian Delight with a Rich Culinary History


Introduction for Aviyal: Aviyal is a popular vegetarian dish from Kerala, a southern state in India. It is believed to have originated in Kerala and has been a staple dish in Kerala cuisine for centuries. The word “aviyal” comes from the Tamil word “avi”, which means a mixture of vegetables. It is believed that aviyal … Read more

Flavorful Chicken Fajitas Recipe – Make Tex-Mex at Home in No Time!

Chicken Fajitas

Introduction for Chicken Fajitas: The origin of Chicken fajitas is somewhat disputed, but most sources agree that the dish likely originated in Texas in the 1930s or 1940s. The term “fajita” comes from the Spanish word “faja,” which means “belt” or “strip,” and refers to the strips of meat used in the dish. One theory … Read more

How to Make Butter Chicken: Easy Step-by-Step Recipe for a Delicious North Indian Dish

Butter chicken

Introduction: Butter chicken is a popular North Indian dish that is enjoyed around the world. The dish is made by marinating chicken in a blend of spices and yogurt, then cooking it in a tomato and cream-based sauce. The result is a rich and flavorful dish that is perfect served with naan bread or rice. … Read more

Indulge in Creamy Delight with Paneer Butter Masala Recipe

Paneer Butter Masala

Introduction for Paneer Butter Masala: Paneer Butter Masala, also known as Paneer Makhani, is a popular Indian vegetarian dish made with soft cubes of paneer (Indian cottage cheese) cooked in a rich and creamy tomato-based gravy. It is a perfect comfort food for any occasion and loved by many. In this article, we will provide … Read more

Delicious and Nutritious: Discover the Rich History and Best Recipes for Pongal!


Introduction for Pongal: Pongal is a traditional South Indian dish that has a long and rich history. The word “pongal” means “boiling over” or “spilling over,” and the dish is named after the process of cooking the rice and lentils until they spill over the pot, symbolizing abundance and prosperity. The origins of Pongal can … Read more

Authentic Chicken Biriyani Recipe: Fragrant Spices, Tender Chicken, and Fluffy Basmati Rice

Chicken Biriyani

Introduction for Chicken Biriyani: Biriyani is a popular rice-based dish that is believed to have originated in South Asia, specifically in the Indian subcontinent, around the 16th century. The dish was introduced to the region by the Mughal rulers who brought with them a rich culinary tradition from Persia and Central Asia. The word “biriyani” … Read more

South Indian Delight: How to Make Delicious Bisi bele bath at Home

bisibele bath

Introduction for Sambar rice: Sambar rice, also known as sambar sadam or bisi bele bath, is a popular South Indian dish that originated in the state of Karnataka. It is a flavorful and spicy rice dish made with a combination of rice, lentils, vegetables, and spices. The history of sambar rice dates back to the … Read more